Tuesday, March 22, 2011

e-learningCE:activity 3-Harindrar15

My dad introduced me to a character profiling method called the DISC.Usually people are rated on their TWO MOST DOMINANT characteristics after taking a test. Unfortunately for this task i cannot provide very accurate results so instead i gave my own interpretation. 
D--> Dominant, 
I--> Influential, 
S--> Steady, 
C--> Compliant,conscientious
According to this there can be a few good combinations of leaders:DI,DC
1)Lee Kuan Yew:
Suggested characteristic: DC OR DI (may be inaccurate for better results one must be tested)
I would say he has a very obvious dominant characteristic as he leads and is well suited to a high position. However he expects people to be compliant. And he is also a compliant person. However I suppose he has a trait I in him as he is very influential.*

TO me the crucial characteristic for a leader would be DI, dominant and influential. If a leader has something in mind he must be able to express himself, convince others. After all a leader is suppose to LEAD PEOPLE therefore he must be people oriented.Eg: Bill Clinton(ID) more influential then dominant.

***DISCLAIMER: this whole review MAY contain inaccurate information especially for the review on lee Kuan Yew, I apologize as the review is clouded by judgement and I hope this does not affect anybody.******

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