Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Koh Jia En (6)


Lee Kuan Yew was unafraid to speak up what he thought of the situation and others. That got on others' nerves but he was undoubtedly doing them the best favour by doing so. As a leader, you may hurt a few people by saying things as it is, but it is the best for your team and a fantastic way for them to improve. Although people may feel uncomfortable or offended when you spring the truth upon them, they will, at the same time, respect you for doing so. This approach gets things done quickly in a straightforward manner.


Lee Kuan Yew planned for the people that will take over him years before he actually stepped down as Prime Minister. There was an importance in raising the next generation of leaders to continue leading. As a leader, your organization must transcend you and you must be humble enough to acknowledge that. If your association cannot do anything without you, you have failed as a leader. You must strive to create an association that can survive without you, that is then a sign that you are a successful leader.


Lee Kuan Yew had the worst times when Malaysia decided to separate with Singapore. However, He stood strong and never let up. He further strengthened his resolve and believed that he could lead the nation into what it is today. In fact, a leader must have this resolve to press on, and it is this trait that separate the good from the excellent.

As a leader, how to manage crisis?

Anybody can lead if the situation is favourable but the ones who can in times of adversity are the true leaders. When you choose to press on, you can grow as a person, and make a real difference in whatever you're doing. By strengthening your resolve and doing your best, you are already making a difference.

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