Tuesday, March 22, 2011

E-Learning Activity 3 - Go Yan Feng ( 14 )

10 traits of what good leaders possess:

1.Vision: They know what their goals are and how they want to achieve it.

2. Wise:
Good leaders are strategic, wise and perceptive.

3. Passionate: They give their Full-Effort into anything they do.

4. Compassion: Good leaders have compassion for their supporters or employees. They have great coaching and development skills.

5. Charismatic:Most good leaders are captivating. They're charming individuals and they tend to draw people in with their personalities.

6. Great Communicators :Good leaders are usually great orators and persuaders. They're very comfortable with public speaking and are very inspiring people.

7. Persistent:Good leaders are determined in attaining their goals. They know that reaching their destination can be filled with problems.
They do not give up easily in the face of defeat.

8. Integrity:Good leaders mean what they say. They have integrity. They're individuals who keep their guarantees and they do not play the old political games that plenty of others do. People find them reliable and as such are dedicated to them.

9. Daring:They are bold. Winston Churchill states that courage is the virtue on which all others virtue rest on. Good leaders are bold enough to chase after their dreams.

10. Disciplined:Most good leaders are very controlled in the pursuit of their goals. Where most individuals would be simply distracted or dejected, good leaders discipline their minds to keep focused and steady regardless of the situation.

How do you think a good leader manages crisis under stressful situations?

I think that a Leader must be able to keep his calm in a crisis and not panic like some of his teammates. If there is a problem, a good leader will not be blaming his or her own teammates, instead he or she will find out what happened and then try to get the team out of that Crisis or Stressful Situation.

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